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Developers for your startup

TopMonks Startup Studio invests into your dream from idea to real success. We are your tech angels & first investors.

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Get friendly feedback on your project and some fine coffee or tea.


Have a MVP or product crafted by some skilled tech-monks.


We summon your development team or help finding your new CTO.


We support you in growing your businesses, enhancing your skills, providing our network and help raising follow-up rounds.

Do you have an idea for the next big thing?


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Numbers of startups


Portfolio valuation

€11 M


We have seen hundreds of projects; we understand investors, market sentiment and various interest of the major stakeholders. Thus our know-how can be helpful when making your next pitch. As our partners, you will get all our support in preparing the pitch deck and networking with the investors. Now it's our mutual interest to help you grow and to raise your funds in the Seed Round or Round A. The same approach to your B2B partners, in case we are familiar with your segment.

Photo of Startup Studio Team


Jiri Fabian

Founder, president

Linh Nguyen

Startups analyst

Jan Lopusek


Jirí Penzes

Tech geek


Psychology of raising angel funds for your startup

Raising angel funds for your startup idea could be a difficult task. Couple of failures, bad lucks or setbacks while meeting with investors…

Why we invested in Quickshirt

This investment does not fit under the high scalable startup definition with multiple ROI. Yet, we consider it as a decent entrepreneurship which will help us stabilise our portfolio.

Thriving Czech & Slovak crypto scene

Many unexpected parts outside the Silicon Valley have sat in the frontier as blockchain innovation hubs.

About us

Success is a delivery not the time spent.

We don't need you messing around from 9 to 5 in the office. We want to deliver the perfection! As our team is mostly distributed, we've worked diligently to improve the ways we work together, and with our clients. Don't count hours, deliver!

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